Type: Game
Genre: Tactical-RPG
Style: Dark Fantasy
17-year-old Sylphia and her twin brother are thrust into a new environment when their home forest is destroyed. Although they are taken in by mercenary’s association, the twins find that learning a new way of life is more difficult than they could imagine. And when the man responsible for everything reappears, a journey begins.


Type: Unknown
Genre: Unknown
Style: Cyberpunk, Horror, Fantasy
After her sister disappears playing an open VR beta, 17-year-old Ramana Dale follows in her footsteps to search. Instead of a game, Ramona finds herself trapped within a hellish dimension where her only escape is mysterious girl. They return to a lab in ruins and Ramona discovers a high-tech armor created to fight otherworldly creatures.

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Type: Game
Genre: Action RPG
Style: Dark Fantasy, Anime
Developers: Nerd Bomb Studios