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My Personal Project: Mercenary Maiden

Hello folks! Since November is known among writers as National Novel Writing Month, I thought I'd share the personal project I'm working on! It's technically a video game, but I'm still writing the story in book form - it helps out with dialogue and emotions. Although I'm very slow at working on projects, I decided… Continue reading My Personal Project: Mercenary Maiden

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Scrapped Projects, the Bane of my Existence

Recently I began to browse Game Jams for various reasons. My indie game development team, Nerd Bomb Studios, tends to get more work done during such events. Sometimes I'm able to finish at least a demo of some game idea I've had by myself. I found a site called, which is a "open marketplace… Continue reading Scrapped Projects, the Bane of my Existence

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The Demo of My Game Was at Indie Bits

I've never touched upon this, but along with my team-slash-friends Nerd Bomb Studios, I make games. Our current project is Ghost Shards - something that has been taking us nearly five years to develop. Many reasons are simply procrastination, planning the vast world of the game, and going from one game in the series to… Continue reading The Demo of My Game Was at Indie Bits