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Berry Bits: Things I’ve Been Consuming

Hello there, I don’t post much, and I always feel guilty about it. Soon this site will shift away from the blogging aspect just so I can ease that feeling away. I’ll still write stuff, however.

I’ve been reading, watching things, and playing games all over the place recently. Several games were beaten more than a month ago. Today Berry Bits will operate just a bit differently, and I’ll simply everything in one post.

Books & Graphic Novels

13539472GIRLFRIENDS is a yuri manga about two polar opposite girls who become friends, but with their feelings leaning to something much more.

Most of the manga I have been getting usually feature a girl x girl relationship front and center. I’ve been appreciated more romance of this kind as of late, especially when the market seems over-saturated by guy x guy relationships.

I haven’t gotten super far into it to form a concrete opinion as of yet.



30621337GOBLIN SLAYER is a light novel set in a high fantasy world loosely based on Dungeons and Dragons mechanics.

The cover instantly grabbed my attention as I’m a sucker for cute, innocent cleric-type girls in fantasy. The reasoning is unknown to me, of course.

The story and events are much more darker than one would assume – which is awesome for someone like me! None of the characters have proper names, instead identified by their adventurer class.

At first this bugged me, but that’s the only thing I dislike so far.


20945102CITRUS is another yuri manga with misleading covers. The contents are not as steamy as one would think, instead focusing on the emotional and drama of a potential relationship.

Many people seemed put off by this, even I was. Yet I’ve been persisting, as I had finished volume 4 not that long ago. Something has been gripping me for sure.

One thing is for sure: I dig the character the designs and art. That’s always a big plus.


Video Games

a52al5isjxc6arqghbe0Regardless of how, most people have heard of the POKEMON franchise. Players were eager for POKEMON SUN & MOON, the newest in the video game series.

As I no longer hate POKEMON anymore, and enjoyed the last game – I, too, waited for this game.

Actually, the day the game came out, my friends and I held a “shiny party” that lasted all night. Basically, you soft-reset your game until the starter of your choosing was a shiny. None of us got one; we are not THAT lucky.

Technically, I beat the main story, but there are still things to do. Yes, I had a good time.


omega_quintet_boxartAnother game I had beaten recently is OMEGA QUINTET, a game created by the developers of the NEPTUNIA series, Compile Heart. I gave it a try due to CH.

The general concept of pop idols being the only defense against horrific monsters in an almost apocalyptic setting seemed interesting.

OMEGA QUINTET was a hit-and-miss for me, honestly. I like some aspects of it, but I disliked others.

My overall impression is “it’s okay”.


dark_souls_cover_artDARK SOULS is a dark fantasy action role-playing game that has an emphasis on death and learning from your mistakes.

This game is known for being very challenging and frustrating. As someone who prefers to play on “easy mode”, it’s amazing how far I’m getting. It helps that I play co-op with S and a friend of ours. Right now we only REALLY play on the weekends when the three of us can get together so we can progress further.

One thing I absolutely find interesting is the world. The storytelling in DARK SOULS is very minimal, with a lot of things left vague on purpose. Yet you can still get a sense of the lore and appreciate the thought that went into everything.

I can see why DARK SOULS was praised.


atelier_sophie_boxartATELIER SOPHIE: THE ALCHEMIST OF THE MYSTERIOUS BOOK is the 17th game in the ATELIER series created by Gust.

I’ve been playing the franchise since ATELIER RORONA: THE ALCHEMIST OF ARLAND on the Playstation 3. Despite not being particularly good at the crafting system, I still enjoy the games quite a bit.

I’m not a big fan of the art style for this new trilogy (or perhaps duology) since it seems a bit too generic for my tastes. The crafting is a bit easier to understand this time and the story is quite intriguing.


694px-star_wars_logo-svgS and I finished the original and prequel trilogy of STAR WARS recently. We wanted to refresh our minds so we could watch the new movies that are currently coming out.

They were just as cheesy, yet fun as I remembered them.

I did have a small wave of sadness about the passing of Carrie Fisher, the actress who played Princess Leia. Mainly because she was such a strong advocate for Bipolar Disorder, something I have.


beauty_and_the_beast_2017_posterI saw the live-action BEAUTY AND THE BEAST during it’s opening night. Along with Aladdin and The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite animated Disney movies.

Another reason I wanted to see it, was due to the supposed issue people had with Le Fou being gay. All that pointless boycotting and removing the film from select theaters. All for nothing, especially since it wasn’t that significant in the movie itself.

While the movie did not differ too much from the original, I thought the extra touches were nice – such as some added backstory to some of the characters. The actors seemed pretty spot on with the characters as well – especially Gaston and Le Fou. I probably liked them the most for sure!


fmp-dvdFULL METAL PANIC! is an action, mecha, romance, and military sci-fi anime that originally began as a series of light novels.

S and I seem to be watching this sporadically. There 3 separate series, though they’re all related to one another. We finished the first 2, and have not yet started the final season.

It’s very interesting. My memory has gotten sketchy, so I don’t recall much and still don’t understand what all is going on. Maybe season 3 will help.



lord_marksman_and_vanadis_vol-1_dvdLORD MARKSMAN AND VANADIS is a fantasy-adventure and romance anime that also started out as a light novel.

A lot of it is cheesy, but the action and badassery of the male protagonist is awesome. Fantasy is my favorite genre of anything, which is why I tried the anime in the first place.

I originally began watching it subbed, but once I discovered the dub I started it over. This time I invited S to join me since he enjoys fantasy as well.

Because this is a romance, I know who will get together in the end, yet I still cannot help but ship Tigre with other people.

That concludes everything!

As you can see, I’m all over the place, which is actually normal for me. I probably won’t do Berry Bits on everything anymore – only if I have something I REALLY have to say. Sometimes I struggle with what to say about whatever it is I just finished.

Bai bai for now!


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