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Berry Bits: The Metal Gear Solid Saga


Type: Game | Genre: Stealth, Action | Franchise: Metal Gear

There is no simple description for this franchise. Most gamers have at least heard of Metal Gear at some point, whether they have played it or not.

Recently, I experienced Metal Gear in chronological order by watching S play them.

This is a series full of complexity, political references and drama, and 4th wall-breaking ridiculousness.

The plot is engaging and complex with fleshed out characters – even the odd ones. There are many memorable scenes. Several quotes have even become memes.

Honestly, one of the reasons it has been taking awhile for me to write this post is due to my thoughts on the series feeling so chaotic. I have few negative impressions, however. While I enjoyed the over-arching story as a whole, I must say the character development hooked me the most.

I read about how many people were not pleased with Raiden’s initial appearance. It’s understandable if you’ve been playing the series since Metal Gear on the MXS2 computer. Although his sudden appearance is odd, I liked it. His backstory and future development as a character pleased me quite a bit.

The only main thing that irked me was the lack of strong female protagonists. We have Meryl Siverburgh, EVA, Quiet, and the Boss. Several minor female characters occurred as well, but most seemed so forgettable. Luckily, Sunny was intelligent and cute enough to stick in my memory.

There were several strong females as antagonists, yet since they were enemies, their chances of survival were slim. I just felt most of them seemed like awesome fighters that liked to show off their skin.

There’s nothing wrong with doing so.

But I don’t think all females are like that. I different strong females would be nice.

Meryl was probably the most “conservative” clothed woman. Later in the series, you got to see her bare arms. She’s built with muscle. That’s so rare for fictional women. I thought it was quite neat.

Regardless of that one negativity, I think the Metal Gear Saga is worth playing, or watching.


I still have two other games I’ve beaten within the past month that I have not yet posted about: Pokemon Moon and Omega Quintet.

Stay tuned.

Bai bai for now! *waves*



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