How I Plan to Treat the New Year

I must apologize for not writing anything for a month. This is mostly directed at myself, for being awful at keeping up with a passion or project I enjoy. Around the holidays, my Bipolar depression usually wraps its poisonous claws around me.

Regarding last month’s post: I did not succeed at NaNoWriMo. To be honest, I have never won as my work does not get very far.

I also had a epiphany, or so I thought, during November. While I enjoy developing stories and characters, I don’t think I should write a novel. Descriptions are something I may never get better at.

You might ask why I don’t try a comic instead, and my answer will be: my art is not good enough. I can only draw females decently, and only at certain angles.

As for game development? I prefer to work in a team, and I’m already in one for a group project.

Perhaps I will gain better knowledge this year. I won’t reflect on last year or speak of the chaos surrounding it. Anything I would say, has already been said much better by other people.

Discussing the future might be a better idea. Not in the form of resolutions, but desires instead.

What do I want to happen within a year?

  1. Progress Ghost Shards enough to market it in the form of social media
  2. Finish at least 10 sketches to finished illustrations
  3. Discover what medium to use for my storytelling: novels, games, or comics
  4. Fight against Bipolar depression and obtain my energy by working out, in turn lessening my back pain
  5. Receive my own personal income through SSI benefits, after waiting years
  6. Replace my current laptop to something more functional
  7. Take a trip to Michigan to visit my friends and family

Number 6 will actually be the most difficult one, due to having no income. There is still a possibility of me achieving it simply by using gift cards obtained through Swagbucks * and Microsoft Points.

*Clicking this will allow you to sign up for Swagbucks using my referral link

Berry Bits Previews

I am nearing the end of several series and games, such as:

  • Metal Gear
  • The Rose and the Dagger
  • Pokemon Moon
  • Omega Quintet

Current and Finished Works

Story Binder pages usable for Ghost Shards and other stories
My best friend and I
Icespire Story Map.png
Ghost Shards development and planning


That’s all for now, and let’s hope, that with a new year, we all get a little closer to our dreams!


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