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My Personal Project: Mercenary Maiden

Hello folks! Since November is known among writers as National Novel Writing Month, I thought I’d share the personal project I’m working on! It’s technically a video game, but I’m still writing the story in book form – it helps out with dialogue and emotions.


Although I’m very slow at working on projects, I decided to post this for possible overall support and encouragement.


Two years ago a clan of Nyulkith was attacked by a mysterious man donning a strange costume. The Heart Tree was destroyed, the Anther was killed, the women murdered, and the young girls vanished. Only a few escaped: Sylphia and her seedkin, Rhys.

Beyond their forest home of Mystwood, they are ignorant of the world. Complete outsiders based on appearance alone, Sylphia and Rhys struggle to fit in society. The only place to accept them is a mercenary’s guild, first as simple errand runners, then as full-fledged members.

The story begins when Sylphia and Rhys obtain their first mission: to find missing children near Mystwood.


There are a few more than what you see here – but until I get to them in development, they won’t be posted yet.



Age: 17 || Race: Nyulkith

The heroine of the story. She is on the path of becoming a warrior, determined to find the man who wrecked her home.



Age: 17 || Race: Nyulkith

Sylphia’s seedkin; they were born from the same seed – a rare occurrence in Nyulkith. He chooses to master the healing arts to aid his sister’s stubborn attitude.

Zahki Storms


Age: 23 || Race: Half-Human

Forced to go with Sylphia and Rhys by his father, the Guildmaster. He wields a greataxe in combat, and doesn’t show mercy to anyone.


Most of these are just ideas I would like to implement.

Battle System

  • Tactical or Sideview with strategic row + turn order
  • Racial abilities + Classes with 2 branching paths/skill-types


  • Guild missions – perhaps after achieving certain ranks
  • World map use


  • Side quests, posted on a guild board – each grants reputation/rank points
  • Each monster part/ingredient sold to a trading company helps level up shops in the area for more items
  • Hunting marks

Current Progress

Here are some stuff I’m working on.

The forest’s entrance.
Deeper into the forest – it’s supposed to be dying now…

Wanna Help?

If you like this idea and want to see it done faster, I always accept aid and friendship. The only physical help that would be useful is maps and a battle master (someone who’ll come up with abilities and equipment, while balancing things for me).



3 thoughts on “My Personal Project: Mercenary Maiden

  1. It certainly has a good plot. I could help you make the maps if you want, but a battle master is another matter. I am good with making up new things, but how do you mean when you say ‘balance things out for me’? And another problem, I’m using RPGMaker VX Ace. This one looks like MV, or a different one.


    1. Ohai.

      I actually might not need any sort of “battle master” anymore. Just some maps. XD

      Also, I own VX ACE as well. This was originally being used to test out MV, hahaha. But this PC can’t handle it super well. 😛


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