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4 Guilty Pleasures I’m Not Ashamed to Admit I Like


Have any of you ever pretended to dislike something to fit in, yet you secretly like it? What about having no courage available to voice your hobbies or likes simply because you fear being judged?

Let’s start being true to ourselves. In fact, why don’t we share some things about ourselves that probably not many people know?

I’ll begin – in no order.

1)   The Neptunia Franchise


It was not long ago when I mentioned my love for this series. So it’s not like no one knows anymore.

It’s a guilty pleasure because it goes against everything I normally love in stories.

  • It’s a parody of the entire Game Industry
  • The 4th wall does not exist
  • The story and the characters do not take each other seriously
  • There are a lot of fanservice

Honestly, I can’t even figure out why I like Neptunia so much. We could try and pin-point it down if we wanted:

  • The characters are very memorable and amazing
  • Beneath the silliness, there is some nice world-building
  • The game was made by a team of women
  • 99% chance of female x female relationships occurring
  • Humor and references that make me smile daily

2)   Dress Up Games


Sometimes when I don’t feel like drawing AND coloring my art, I go find these “games for girls” sites and play what the offer.  I either make the avatar look like me or one of my characters. Or even worse, I make a new character entirely.

I cannot properly explain why I like these games.  They help me visualize my characters when I don’t feel up to drawing that day.

Typing this makes me want to go play some right now, actually.

3)   K-Pop


K-Pop or Korean Pop is a musical genre originating in Korean that covers a variety of styles such as dance-pop, hip-pop, pop ballad, R&B, and electropop.

This is a recently acquired taste. Did you know there is a whole K-Pop fandom out there? There are quite a few girl and boy groups, just like groups back in the day like the Backstreet Boys or the Spice Girls.

They are essentially “idol groups” and they perform on music videos or live using well-done choreography.

Personally, I only listen to the girl groups. Their songs are catchy and the dances are fun. I’ll list some of my favorites, including the songs in parenthesis):

4)   Adorable Products and Toys


Upon the top of our wide dresser is a row of stuffed animals like cats, rabbits, bears, and so on. Most of them were obtained simply because of how cute they were… uh, are. I even have a mini Lalaloopsy doll. I would pass by these in the toy section of a store and “squee” at the adorableness. Actually, I’ve developed a common phrase now.

“Why didn’t these cute toys exist when I was kid?”

I see brands such as Shopkins, Num Noms, Calico Critters, and Tokidoki Characters I want to buy them simply to have them sit on my shelf.

Of course, this is a very bad thing.

Even if I had a few bucks to throw at them, I’d still feel guilty buying one believing it further gives into my immaturity.


How about you? Do you have something you love but have no told anyone? I won’t judge.

Thanks for reading!



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