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Berry Bits: Megadimension Neptunia V-II

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Megadimension Neptunia V-II

Type: Game | Genre: Turned-based RPG, Visual Novel | Franchise: Hyperdimension Neptunia

New challengers are taking control of Gamindustri, and Neptune’s nowhere in sight. Now she’s gotta help a mysterious stranger fight a colossal new evil, reclaim her Goddess title, and find some time for pudding! Go next gen with Giant Battles, multi-worlds, and multiple storylines in this JRPG!

(Description from


Ah, the Neptunia series. So silly, yet addicting.

A few years ago I remember seeing cover for the original game at GameStop. I kept picking it up and looking at it, but I wasn’t sure if I’d like it or not. Perhaps I’ve read some crappy reviews on it somewhere. Then I noticed it had an anime. Due to it being easy to stream, I ended up watching it – liking it way more than I expected.

See, I’m not really one to enjoy stories that often break the 4th wall and is a parody.

So, what is the Neptunia series?

There’s something interesting about the characters and knowing most of the references to the video game industry. The character interaction is great and there are even some serious moments.

A lot of people are often confused about where to start since there are so many games. There was the original trilogy on the Playstation 3, then they were remade for the Playstation Vita – and later ported to PC. The very first game (and it’s remake) is actually standalone, but the rest actually are canon. Any of the spin-off games are also in their own “universes”.


This past week I finished Megadimension Neptunia V-II, which is the latest game in the main series. It is separated into 3 story arcs, each one taking place in a different dimension. Near the end, the stories finally meet up and merge into a single storyline.

While most of the Neptunia games aren’t that serious, this one quite was. There were still those hilarious, 4th wall breaking moments, though! There were moments I cried, too. While most Compile Heart games (the developer) are low budget, you can tell they have been getting better with each installment. Especially in this one.

It’s amazing to the see the mess of the original Neptunia game on the Playstation 3 to the latest installment of Megadimension Neptunia V-II and how it’s improved.

At first I actually got the “good ending”, yet it wasn’t good enough for me. Using New Game + I sped through the game to get the “true ending” and was much more satisfied. There was a lot of post-game content to enjoy as well, but the grinding threw me off. At least I beat the game!

Some of my favorites include the entire Zero Dimension arc (aka the first chapter), Umio, the return of Compa as a more major character, Nepgear’s character development, Steamax x Uni, and S-Sha’s Final Fantasy references.

Also, remember in this post when I mentioned that Dragon Age was the second media franchise I drew fanart for?

Neptunia was the first.

Compa Fanart by Me

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Thanks for reading!


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