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The Demo of My Game Was at Indie Bits


I’ve never touched upon this, but along with my team-slash-friends Nerd Bomb Studios, I make games. Our current project is Ghost Shards – something that has been taking us nearly five years to develop. Many reasons are simply procrastination, planning the vast world of the game, and going from one game in the series to another.

Finally, we settled where we should begin and using an event known as the Indie Game Making Contest, we set out to make the first part of the game within a month.

While we didn’t win anything, we didn’t totally suck either. Decent scores.

We took our feedback and tried to fine-tune them as best as we could. Again, procrastination took over.

Soon it was decided to submit our game to a local indie game showcase called IndieBits, which was only in its fourth year. That took place this past weekend. At first we were worried everyone thought our game was boring, but we got excited each time someone sat down to play our game.

Of course, pictures were taken for the event.








Photo Apr 16, 1 40 34 PM

Photo Apr 16, 1 42 26 PM

Photo Apr 16, 5 38 38 PM

It was a fun experience, and I hope we go again next year! Maybe while submitting a much more updated version of our game.

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2 thoughts on “The Demo of My Game Was at Indie Bits

  1. So cool that you and your friends have made a game. I’ve never really done anything like that before. It’s neat that there’s a place where game designers can test out their creations and get your feedback. Hope you get to go next year! 🙂


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