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Berry Bits: Endless Knight

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Endless Knight

by Kresley Cole

Type: Book | Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance | Books: 3 (for now)

The characters on Tarot cards are real.

The Huntress, the Fool, Death, the Lovers . . . and eighteen other Major Arcana all exist. These warriors, femme fatales, magicians, and devils each have uniquely lethal powers.

And they’re coming for me.

To survive, I’ll have to embrace my own terrifying abilities—and team up with dangerously handsome Jack Deveaux, one of the few people I know that also survived the Flash. But if Jack ever beholds what I truly am, will he abandon me to my fate . . . ?

(Description from


A couple of years ago I read POISON PRINCESS, the first book of this series, the Arcana Chronicles.

I discovered this series from Kresley Cole‘s promoted Facebook page. All that time, I had been purposely avoiding young adult novels, believing they were for teenagers only. Amusingly, I found myself struggling with the aspect of actually liking her writing from POISON PRINCESS excerpts.

“Do I actually like this stuff?”

Of course, I did. Since then, I’ve been reading a lot more YA books.

Like when I read THE WRATH AND THE DAWN by Renee Ahdieh, I finished ENDLESS KNIGHT within a few days time, eager to know what was to happen to next. Today, time passed from 8 in the morning to noontime without me realizing it. I was that enthralled with the book.

One of my favorite things was learning more about the Arcana card, Death and his past with the Empress – aka the main character, Evie. In fact, the whole backstory to the series is intriguing. I still like the same characters, Evie and Matthew (the Fool). Finn (the Magician) has grown on me as well.

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of Evie x Jack. I’m rooting for the alternate pairing instead.

Now I eagerly await the day I obtain book 3 in the Arcana Chronicles, DEAD OF WINTER, in my hands.


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