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Stereotypes Are Boring and Not Cool

Despite the diversity of people here on Earth, stigma of certain labels still exist. A commercial for cable TV came on the other day depicting a couple about to watch a romantic comedy movie together. Their cable goes out, foiling their plans. The guy decides to play video games and his girl in stereotypical fashion gets mad at him.

I’ve seen similar things in real life, so it does happen. But perhaps not as often as one thinks.
Guess what?

Not all girls hate video games and adore romance films. I’m one of them. I’d rather play a game with my significant other than sit still watching some movie. ‘Tis more fun. That and I’m quite fidgety when it comes to watching anything without doing much else.

On Facebook, you may see your family and friends posting quotes over images likely stating something stereotypical. I saw one mentioning something about how girls afraid of insects are city girls and not country girls. I don’t remember the exact words. My thoughts at the time were, ‘I must be a country girl’.

I’m not. Just a girl from the north.

One of the worst kinds of stigma involving stereotypes is mental illness. When I once shared that I have Post-traumatic Stress Disorder they asked if I was in a war. Many people stick soldiers and PTSD together like cookies-n-crème. There are many ways a person could obtain PTSD. Others think a person with Bipolar Disorder are violent and angry individuals. Sometimes people believe mental illness is just in the head and created as an excuse for certain behaviors.

Have you ever been embarrassed about telling someone you like a certain thing, afraid that you would be stereotyped, then judged further? I have around certain people; I don’t mention liking anime or YA books because they might think I need to “grow up”.

Whether you’re ashamed of your interests or not, just be yourself. You are unique.


2 thoughts on “Stereotypes Are Boring and Not Cool

  1. This thing about Bipolar and violence, it seems like it is always linked! I definitely have Bipolar but I’m not in any way a violent person, in fact I’d say I’m a gentle person. This has to be true for many more of us. I guess that’s how stereotypes work. They are misconceptions that don’t fit the general population. Dang!


    1. Exactly! I don’t like stereotypes at all. >< People judge without even knowing who they are judging. No two people are alike after all!

      Thanks for the comment!

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