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An Excerpt of a Book I Once Tried to Write

A long, long time ago two friends created an idea for a story that never saw the light of day. 15 years later one of them attempts to rectify that by writing it as a book. She never got very far with it…

Title: Mortal Olympians

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Started: 2014

I was dreaming, standing ankle-deep in a blanket of snow without feeling so much as a chill. Before me laid a wasteland of expansive white under a dark violet sky, the remaining glow of the sun disappearing behind the landscape. Dying trees fell apart like broken frail bones and plants dissipated into dust.

Arms wrapped around my body, around my waist and neck. They were cold, possessive.

A cold breath blew into my ear, followed by a male’s low hissing whisper. “Isn’t it beautiful? All this is your doing.”

I shivered, and remained quiet.

For only a moment did silence embrace us, covered the land, except in the far distance, two argumentative voices rising in volume.

The arms pulled me back, tugging me closer to their owner. I dared not look upon him.

“They debate on your fate, Persephone,” he said, still speaking softly. “Should such a thing not be up to you, instead?”

Persephone, he called me. That name sunk deep into my mind, somehow familiar. But that isn’t my name, and this is not real.

The ground crumbled below, ripping me from the arms of the man who was behind me. I fell, falling in nothing but complete. I opened my mouth to scream, though no noise was heard. Still, I continued to try, swallowing the air in preparation of yelling.


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