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Games Are Fun. Games are Life.

This is something new, different than the serious tones of previous posts.

I’m a gamer and lately I’ve been getting my hands on a little bit of everything. The much-hyped game Fallout 4 came out only a few weeks ago, so there’s been a lot of talk and playing about that going around. Unfortunately, due to my current bad eyesight I haven’t touched it much apart from character creation. It wouldn’t be fun if I can’t read the text present in the game.

Maybe it’s just me, but I recently noticed that the font and interfaces in current generation games have been small and thin when compared to ones from a decade ago. While I have trouble reading the text on games made in recent years, when playing retro games from the Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis games, I see better.

Squinting still occurs, of course, yet less often.

Ever since I got with my significant other 6 1/2 years ago, we’ve been playing the Tales of games together. The recent Tales of Zestiria came out last month – which apparently got a lot of backlash when it came to handling certain characters. Personality I haven’t encountered such a thing. I’m enjoying the characters, as I usually do in Tales games. My only complaint is the camera during 2-player mode while battling. The way attachments are done now is awesome as well.

I was playing the SNES game Shining in the Darkness for awhile, which is the precursor to the Shining Force games. I have to say, the little cutscenes are pretty cool for the age. Meet Pyra:

I’ve also been getting into more random tabletop games. Sure, I still play Uno, Scrabble, or Clue: Dungeons & Dragons edition. A local store that sells trading cards and tabletop games lets its customers play demo games. I was able to try a game that’s been on my “want-to-play” called Boss Monster.


It’s great fun when you get the max amount of people with you. On my first run I got Seducia the Sorceress of Sexiness.

Photo Oct 17, 2 37 11 PM

I have to admit, I enjoyed having this as my chosen boss. And I’m not surprised I got her either – even if the boss you get to crush heroes is random.

Have I ever mentioned I enjoy the feel of cards? Rubbing them together and dealing with them? Yup.

Anyway, I was able to get my hands on a game called Dungeon Roll.


The treasure chest-like box was cute and the idea seemed intriguing. I haven’t had a chance to play it much, because I feel as if my significant other doesn’t seem interested. Time to fix that with community made files from a site called Board Game Geek!

Here’s my profile if you’re interested.

I’m also using Steam more than usual, and I’m here.

Also, I’ve started playing Guild Wars 2 with a friend, though I can’t remember my server name or anything. Here’s a pic of what my character looks like:

Screenshot 2015-11-20 19.31.12

Her name is Aelina Rowan – she’s based after one of the major characters in my game development team‘s Ghost Shards series. Hopefully this will curve my MMORPG craving for awhile, and even allow me to “hang out virtually” with other people from around the world.

Well, that’s the latest on my game playing endeavors.

Thanks for reading!


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