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Pets: The Best Companions For Someone Like Me

I live a very solitude life on the weekdays – and not by choice. My partner, “S”, works 1st shift, which often keeps him overtime for an hour or 2. That’s about… 8 or so hours alone.

As mentioned in an earlier post I have several mental illnesses and they make it much harder for me to find any sort of work. Or drive. Or go out and interact with the strangers of society.

So be alone, I am.

Luckily, this is when our 2 cats come in. Whenever I don’t feel up to getting out of bed, their love reminds me that I’m sweating up a storm in the morning as I lay wrapped like a burrito in my  blankets. In other words, they lay all around me after Star leaves for work.

They also show how much they adore me in other ways as well. Such as one laying on my lap or another acting like a scarf that hangs from my neck to my arm. They are always purring as they do so.

Speaking of purring, that same cat in the picture – Squeakers – has a habit of looking up at me while purring. When I’m holding him (or he’s holding me as above), I feel elevated suddenly. It’s like he’s giving me comfort, just because he loves me. He’s attached to me.

To me this says so many things.

  1. I’m wanted and loved unconditional by a living creature
  2.  I’m very capable of being loving and a responsible care-giver to a living creature
  3. I’m not alone, especially not as long as these felines are present in my life

Whenever I do go out, I often wish that I could take Squeakers with me, so that is purring can calm me in anxious situations. I know the rules, however, so I don’t drag him with me.

He gets motion sickness anyway.

I do wish we had more places where we could bring our feline companions. I’ve seen many places for dogs, but do cats count as well?

The world may never know!


2 thoughts on “Pets: The Best Companions For Someone Like Me

  1. We are in the process of getting a cat and in this severe depressive episode it’s giving me something to look forward to. I’ve had a cat before who gave me so much love and companionship. I know that’s what I need right now. Just need to find one!


    1. Ahhh! Awesome! You should share pictures of your new cat! 😛

      Mine give me so much joy. I feel very calm when they purr in my arms too. I’ve read somewhere that cats are good for that sort of thing!


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